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Weird text highlighting / cut & paste problems


I have just upgraded my Cygwin/X installation on Windows XP SP3 from the pre-release 1.7 to 1.7.5-1 and am now having problems with cut and paste.

I am starting Cygwin using the following commands :

                CYGWIN="server" XWin -nodecoration -silent-dup-error &
                export CYGWIN

                # Make sure XWin is ready to accept connections before proceeding
                while (( $(checkX -d $DISPLAY -t 12) )) ; do
                        sleep 2

                # Start the urxvt server
                /usr/bin/urxvtd -q -f -o

                # Start the Window manager
                wmaker &

However when I attempt to highlight text within a urxvt session using a double click to select a word or click and hold while dragging the cursor the text drops the highlight when I release the mouse button and nothing appears to be placed on the clipboard.

This gives the following errors :
        winClipboardWindowProc - timed out waiting for WIN_XEVENTS_NOTIFY
        winClipboardFlushXEvents - SelectionRequest - GetClipboardData () failed: 00002733

If I try to cut and paste to a MS application only the last MS clipboard contents are pasted.
If I try to paste the contents of the MS clipboard to a urxvt window nothing is pasted If I try to paste any text into a gvim editor window it causes the gvim to hang which then has to be killed.

Now for the strange bits:

After a period of time, maybe an hour, a selection will stay highlighted for about 5 seconds which will allow it to be pasted any number of times using the middle mouse button to any application, under Cygwin/X using focus follows mouse or MS Windows, while it is highlighted. When the highlighing is dropped then the previous problems re-occur, ie nothing will be pasted and it will again cause gvim to hang.

When it fails to paste it give the following error :
winClipboardFlushXEvents - SelectionRequest - GetClipboardData () failed: 0000058a

After yet more time, about 2 hours after starting Cygwin, the problem appears to have vanished completely and text will highlight correctly and paste to any application using the middle mouse button under Cygwin or <C-v> under Windows.
Even when the highlighted text is de-selected by a single mouse click the item can still be pasted successfully.

Before upgrading, from the pre-release 1.7 to 1.7.5-1, occasionly text would not stay highlighted but this could normally be corrected by shutting down Cygwin/X and restarting.  This has not been successful since updating.

Any ideas on what is happening and what I may be able to try to correct the issue would be appreciated


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