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RE: X11 apps failing after upgrade

> What is the failure mode for running emacs on an unpatched Solaris?

Same before and after the patch (the almost immediate BadAtom error).  

However, before the patch, when I ran an xterm it displayed, but the
first keystroke made it crash with BadAlloc.  After the patch, xterm
appears to run fine, though I notice that the menus on ctrl-mouse don't
appear correctly, they're foreshortened and only show half the first
item in the menu.

My .Xdefaults files are pretty much empty.  I can't think what else I
might have that's odd.

> Do you have the font-adobe-dpi75 package installed?

Yeah - I installed them - indeed trying to find something which looks
good to my eyes, I've installed just about every font except the
Cyrillic fonts.  I used to try to avoid Courier, because in some
personal aesthetic I don't like it, but even that doesn't work for me
now because 8pt is too small and 10pt is really large (much larger and
uglier than, for instance, MS Word displays its 10pt Courier).



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