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Installed CygwinX and xhost not found


I have just installed CygwinX on my new laptop which is running MS XP Pro version 2002 service pack 2. I used install options All User and Unix mode. I also took the default of downloading all packages. I am trying to setup a X window environment so I can run the Oracle Universal Installer to load Oracle onto my zOS mainframe environment.

The first time I started Cygwin from the desktop short cut, I issue the command xhost + , I then received the error message 'bash: xhost not found'. So I have searched the FAQs and found a note that says to add a path statement to correct this problem. Next, I remembered the installation said I could customize the C:\cygwin\home\rraso\.bash_profile by adding this statement 

PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:$PATH".So I customized the profile and retried the shortcut, followed by xhost +, same resulting error message. After removing the change, I tried inserting the path statement into the Cygwin.BAT file, both before the change directory command and after the bash logon command. Both tests produced the same results 'xhost + not found'.

Next, I reinstalled the software but I installed the CygwinX support. I checked the CygwinX documentation and in chapter 4, it talks about starting CygwinX with either startwxin.bat, or or startx. I have searched my Cygwin files for this members and do not find them. I was expecting to find one or more of them. 

Do I create a startxwin file? If not, did my installation not work correctly? 

So at this point, I am not sure where to insert the path statement or even if I have the right statement to insert into someplace the Cygwin files.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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