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New pstoedit trial packages and a problem

Package reviewers: New trial packages for pstoedit, linking to the recently
uploaded plotutils package, are on my server:

There is a problem though: linking to the newly uploaded libEMF package created
a broken executable, so this is disabled in the trial packages above.

When pstoedit is configured with the flag "--with-emf", it creates the dll file
/usr/lib/pstoedit/cygp2edrvwmf-0.dll.  This seems to be a problematic dll,
which causes pstoedit.exe to fail silently on any invocation.  The odd thing
is, this remains the case, even if pstoedit is reconfigured "--without-emf" and
recompiled and reinstalled, as long as the problematic cygp2edrvwmf-0.dll
remains on the system.

Early in the development cycle, I did install and link to libEMF, successfully,
using a local build of libEMF.  So I don't know what the problem is now, except
it obviously isn't working with the newly uploaded libEMF package.

If someone [Dr. Zell?] could help me figure out what the issue is and fix it
quickly, I'd appreciate the help.  Otherwise I recommend we upload this trial
packaging (assuming it otherwise passes inspection), and use the available
functionality while I try to troubleshoot the libEMF problem.



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