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Call For Participation: buildroot + crosstool-NG Developpers' Day

Hello All!

This is a reminder to, well, remind you about the joint crosstool-NG
and buildroot developpers' day on October the 29th, 2011 (the day after
ELC-E and LinuxCon), in Prague, Czech Republic.

If you attend these conferences (and you definitely should!), and
happen to use either project, or are just curious, you are welcome
to join and discuss and influence the future for those projects!

The agenda is not final, but you can see a preliminary list of points
that will be addressed in the previous email [1]. Also, the exact
location should be announced shortly, but expect a place where one
can order coffee! :-)

We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague!

Yann E. MORIN,


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| +33 662 376 056 | Software  Designer | \ / CAMPAIGN     |  ___               |
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