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On 04/21/10 15:29, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 6:46 AM,<> wrote:

I'm using 1.6.0 and it seems steps have been removed, though it is still in

$ ct-ng  cc_core_pass_1
[ERROR]  You asked to restart a non-restartable build
[ERROR]  This happened because you didn't set CT_DEBUG_CT_SAVE_STEPS
[ERROR]  in the config options for the previous build, or the state
[ERROR]  directory for the previous build was deleted.
[ERROR]  I will stop here to avoid any carnage
[00:01] / make[1]: *** [build] Error 1
make: *** [cc_core_pass_1] Error 2
$ grep CT_DEBUG_CT_SAVE_STEPS .config

Am I missreading this?

It's still there in HEAD. Have you selected the option in menuconfig ?
I'm not sure previously, but you need to select "Debug crosstool-NG"
to access it. AFAIU, if this top dependency is not met, there will be
no mention of it in the .config.

- Arnaud

many thanks Arnoud, that was indeed what I had not selected.

I did not realise that this needed debugging turned on. I needed to do less than the complete process because of resourse limitations not to debug.

Seems odd that this prevents "CT_DEBUG_CT_SAVE_STEPS -s not set" from showing but there you go.

Should be fine now , thanks for the help.

best regards.

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