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Re: [CT-NG:patch 15/19] First setup for cygwin as target

Yann, All

2010/4/11 Yann E. MORIN <>:
> Remy, Bart, All,
> On Friday 09 April 2010 21:04:34 Remy Bohmer wrote:
>> This is the first attempt to add cygwin as target
>> Note the cygwin 'kernel' files are downloaded pre-compiled
> Why that? Can't we build them from source?

I think that is possible,
for me this patch was a simple exercise to see if it was possible to
also add cygwin as a target after having added the mingw target.

I looked very briefly at the source files and was unable to see how to
build the files I wanted, and getting them pre-compiled was enough for
me to prove
that building a cygwin-hosted compiler was possible.

Maybe somebody more at home in the cygwin source files is able to add
the correct steps to build the needed kernel-files from cygwin source

>> +do_kernel_extract() {
>> + ? ?mkdir -p "${CT_SRC_DIR}/cygwin-${CT_CYGWIN_VERSION}"
>> + ? ?CT_Pushd "${CT_SRC_DIR}/cygwin-${CT_CYGWIN_VERSION}"
>> + ? ?CT_Extract nochdir "cygwin-${CT_CYGWIN_VERSION}"
>> + ? ?CT_Popd
>> +
>> + ? ?mkdir -p "${CT_SRC_DIR}/w32api-3.13-1"
>> + ? ?CT_Pushd "${CT_SRC_DIR}/w32api-3.13-1"
>> + ? ?CT_Extract nochdir "w32api-3.13-1"
> You have to 'get' it before you can extract it.

Simply overlooked this one,
the step worked for me, because I already have the correct w32api
files after building the mingw-hosted compiler


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