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Re: statically linked replacement for cygpath - anyone got such a beast?

On Thu, Apr 08, 2010 at 01:45:05PM -0400, Motta, Frank wrote:
>Your concern about the license is admirable.  This is the 2nd of my
>posts that your leading statement was related to that subject.  I am
>unconcerned with the licensing and have shipped many products under the
>same.  Cygpath and cygwin are not getting shipped with this product.  I
>do want to be Cygwin compatible.  An alternative to supporting Cygwin
>is to say that Cygwin is non-compliant.  And stipulate that to have
>Cygwin installed voids the warranty and no support is provided.  I had
>begrudgingly taken this option for many of my products.  I don't like
>this alternative.
>The GPL 'make' utility is getting shipped and supported.  Not all
>'make's are alike and most fail to consider OS specific path naming.
>So the make flow is wanting a method to consider that an advanced user
>will use a posix like operating system or an emulation of it such as
>Cygwin and MKS.  A makefile which needs to consider OS variants would
>need to mangle paths for the command line needs.  A user may put within
>the makefile a path that is of the form of DOS or posix.  Since most
>tools don't consider that they can be run on many OS' they may need to
>be interpreted before it is passed as an argument.
>I need a program that can compile and run on windows and posix that can
>mangle paths for the flavor that is in operation in the make flow at
>this build time.  This program needs to be aware of the standard name
>mangling methods for the environments.  Should the environment be
>Cygwin then use of the built-in methods would improve compatibility.
>The added value of gaining such the ability for this functionality
>using existing code is that I can and must release it to public.  If I
>author it alone then I probably won't be able to release it into GPL
>and it goes into the ether only for me to write it a 15th time when I
>need it later.
>Also, if I can have the ability of determining if a statically linked
>(DOS) executable is run from within a cygwin bash shell (presumably via
>make).  Then I can locate the existing facilities and put them to use
>as well.

The subject and body of your message implies that you are looking for a
way to statically compile cygpath.  I was responding to tell you that
1) It isn't possible and 2) You'd have GPL concerns if you did that.

If you are just looking to figure out paths in a non-cygwin-make then I
think your best bet would be to test for the existence of a cygpath and
use that.


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