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Re: [Crosstool-NG] Blackfin support, RFC

Thomas, All,

On Wednesday 07 April 2010 23:49:25 Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> > I'd say that, as of today, crosstool-NG does not build any single toolchain
> > that targets Linux/noMMU. This code was just a plan for the future.
> > Blackfin is the first arch that can build a Linux/noMMU toolchain, so let's
> > adapt and match that. I'm not sure how other archs work, either.
> Ok. But if we also want to support the bfin-uclinux toolchain type
> (which generates FLAT binaries), we also need to keep a way of setting
> the system part to "uclinux".

I see. No need to over-design, lets postpone that for the time we'll add
support for such toolchains.

> BTW, if you're interested, the build script used by the Blackfin people
> to generate their toolchains (three variants of toolchains, each of
> them using multilib), is available at

I'll trust you on the blackfin part!

What's interesting, though, is how they handle multilib. :-]

> > I will handle the patchset a bit later, after dinner...
> As for the Blackfin patches I've submitted, there's no particular rush.

Yes, I'm afraid it will wait tomorrow... I've burned my time on other stuff
tonight (the random fixes from Arnaud, updating the server, jaberring with
UK friends who'll get wed shortly, skyping with another one in UK as well...)

> Git has become
> the default choice for most open-source projects: kernel, Gnome,,
> freedesktop, etc, particularly in the lower-level of the
> infrastructure, which Crosstool-NG is a part of.

Fair enough.
But X.Org and Gnome at the lower-level of the infrastructure?
Haha! Thank you, I had a quite a good time reading that part! ;-]

> I was also a little bit resistant to the Linus-fanboy-ism that sometimes
> lead to the adoption of Git.

Fully agreed on that one! :-)

> But nowadays, from my perspective, the DVCS war is over. Git has won.
> Everybody willing to contribute to open-source projects *needs* to
> learn Git, or will become isolated from the contribution to these
> projects.

Fully agreed as well for *contributors*. As a contributor, I'm happy to use
whatever the project's maintainer use. Plus, with stgit, that's made plain
easy. Even my grand'ma could send a patch!

> And as it has become the default DVCS, everybody starts to 
> except to find a Git repo and to be able to re-use its Git skills in
> the different projects.

Not wrong either.

> As you see, I'm not doing any technical comparaison between Git and
> Mercurial: both have their good sides and not-so-good-sides. It's more
> a commodity question, I would say.


> But, ok, fair enough, if Crosstool-NG uses Mercurial, I'll use Mercurial.

Let's make that the final point, then. :-)

Read you, see you!

Yann E. MORIN.

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