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ColdFire tweaked gcc available for download

I've finally gotten the time to pull together what I've done to
gcc-3.0.4 to generate better code for ColdFire and put it up on my
home CVS server.

I've added support for -m5206e, -m5307, -m5407, -mcfv4e.  This version
of the compiler does indeed produce decent FPU code for ColdFire v4e,
as well as better support for btst/bset/bclr, support for the new ISA-B
instructions, as well as better prologue/epilogue code, and also
support for the interrupt attribute on functions.

I hope that those interested will try it out and email me with
compliments/complaints or suggestions on how to make it better.  I'm
trying(slowly in my spare time) to pull these changes forward into
gcc-3.2+ and I expect to add that tree to my CVS server.

Set CVSROOT in your environment to :pserver:anoncvs at baradas dot org:/home/cvs

Alternately add -d :pserver:anoncvs at baradas dot org:/home/cvs in the CVS
commands below (place it immediately after cvs, before any other arguments). 

Issue the command:

cvs login

You will be prompted for a password; reply with the string "anoncvs"
(without the quotes). 

Issue the command:

cvs -z 9 co xgcc

to check out the compiler/binutils/newlib sources, and you'll have in
the xgcc subdirectory the following:


which take up about 163MB of disk space.

Execute make in the xgcc directory to bild a m68k-elf cross toolchain
which will be installed in /tmp/m68k-elf.

The obj/m68k-elf directory consumes 478MB of disk space.
The installed tools in /tmp/m68k-elf take up 154MB.

Edit the Makefile and change PREFIX to wherever you want the tools installed.

Peter Barada
peter at baradas dot org

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