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Re: eCos cross compiler questions [was: gcc 2.95 cross compiler]

> I highly recommend that you use Linux to build your cross compilers.  I have
> never built cross-compilers using a Microsoft OS since it is too slow when
> using the Cygwin tools.  It can be done, but you will need the latest Cygwin
> package, DLLS and a lot of patience.

Ditto.  Cygwin is itself pretty solid, but building cross-compilers seems to push
it beyond its limits.  And when it runs, it's slooooooow.

Of course, if you're used to Microsoft hosts, then you've learned to expect an
occasional GPF, right? :^)

> If you are targeting eCos then you must use the GCC source code from the the
> eCos web page.  It has some dependencies built in that the standard GCC source
> doesn't have.  It's a pain but that's the way it currently is.

Do the "enhancements" in the eCos-specific gcc show up in the gcc archives
anywhere, or are they only being distributed via the eCos web page?

My question really is: is anyone else testing the new gcc features, other than
eCos users?

> I'm pretty sure the eCos installation page has detailed instructions on how to
> build all the tools for various targets (such as powerpc, etc).  Follow the
> instructions and post any errors you get to the eCos mailing list (and possibly
> the CrossGCC mailing list) with questions.

Yes, but the eCos web page appears to have a typo.  On the page:

it says that you can build the Linux synthetic target with anything later than
egcs-1.1.1.  To the contrary, I haven't been able to do this-- only the gcc
sources listed on the web page recognize the -fvtable-gc and -fdata-sections
options (and other new ones).

> I don't have the info with me at the moment to give you all the commands you
> need to run.  I will post you something when I get home tonight.  Are you
> interested in a ARM cross-compiler without support for eCos or are you only
> interested in an ARM-eCos cross-compiler ?

I'm going through the installation instructions line-by-line, and so far
everything is working for me.  This is my first full day with eCos, though-- I'm
not exactly an eCos power-user, yet...  [been doing the cross-compiler thing for a
while now, though]


William A. Gatliff
Senior Design Engineer
Komatsu Mining Systems
To teach is to learn.

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