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Re: gcc 2.95 cross compiler

Trevor Kilgore wrote:

> Hi,


> I'm sorry to bother you but I got your e-mail from one of Cygnus' mailing
> lists and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.
> I am trying to build gcj as a cross compiler for an ARM7 target on a Win 95
> machine with cygwin.  Actually, I plan on also using eCos.  Mumit Khan has
> built and made available gcc 2.95 for cygwin which I downloaded.  I was also
> able do get ahold of a cygwin version of libgcj from Jon Beniston's website.
>   However, I am really having a hard time figuring out how to build a cross
> compiler, I imagine I'll need the source code of the cygwin compiler and
> library, which I don't have.
> I have many years experience in IT but almost none of it within a Unix
> environment or with any Cygnus tools.  Could you possibly help point me in
> the right direction?

I'll try.

First of all, join the CrossGCC mailing list if you haven't done so already.
This is the mailing list concerned with building cross-compilers for the GNU
tools.  Send all questions to it (not me directly).  I WILL get them and help
out any way I can.  There are other more experienced GNU experts on this list,
and they will be able to help if I can't.  You can get subscription details
from  The CrossGCC FAQ is there also.  It is a little out
of date but it will give you an idea of how to go about building a cross
compiler with the GNU tools.

I highly recommend that you use Linux to build your cross compilers.  I have
never built cross-compilers using a Microsoft OS since it is too slow when
using the Cygwin tools.  It can be done, but you will need the latest Cygwin
package, DLLS and a lot of patience.

If you are targeting eCos then you must use the GCC source code from the the
eCos web page.  It has some dependencies built in that the standard GCC source
doesn't have.  It's a pain but that's the way it currently is.

You also need binutlis package.  I assume the binutils-2.9.1 package is fine
but you might want to try one of the latest snapshots also.

You also need to get the newlib sources.  newlib-1.8.1 is the latest but there
is a new release due out soon (apparently).

The new Sourceware CD from Cygnus is also due out soon and it will have all the
latest packages on it.  It saves heaps of Download time.  I'm not sure what
country you're in but it is worth getting.

I'm pretty sure the eCos installation page has detailed instructions on how to
build all the tools for various targets (such as powerpc, etc).  Follow the
instructions and post any errors you get to the eCos mailing list (and possibly
the CrossGCC mailing list) with questions.

I don't have the info with me at the moment to give you all the commands you
need to run.  I will post you something when I get home tonight.  Are you
interested in a ARM cross-compiler without support for eCos or are you only
interested in an ARM-eCos cross-compiler ?


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