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Re: Help with ppc-linux cross

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Brendan Simon wrote:

> Will Sloan wrote:
> > Brendan Simon wrote:
> >
> > > Yep.  It's  a chicken and egg problem.  I'm pretty sure you can build the C compiler
> > > only without the runtime libs.  You can then build the runtime libs with this
> > > compiler.  Once this is done you should be able to build all the other GCC components
> > > such as C++, fortran, etc.
> > >
> >
> > How do I just build the C compiler.  I have tried --with-languages=c and make
> > LANGUAGES="c" and both seem to build the runtime libs???
> I think it's different for egcs and gcc.  I think gcc-2.95.x uses "enable-languages=c" but
> I haven't tried it yet.  Do a "grep -i lang configure" to see what format to use.  You
> could also try "disable-languages" but then you would have to specify ALL the languages to
> disable.  By default, all language are built.

I have the same problem when building a linux x86 hosted gcc 2.95.1 cross
compiler for the target eabi-powerpc. For gcc 2.95 you have to use
enable-languages=... options, and it does make a difference, but even if I
only specify the languages c and c++ the build process tries to build the
runtime libraries. They try to include a lot of headerfiles that I don't
have in my psos environment. The building process is anyhow nearly
complete, so a make install in the building directory gives me the files
that I need.

By the way I use the first 2 steps of the 3 step building description in
the now not so new crossgcc FAQ. It seems that we need a new crossgcc
patch as the one for gcc 2.8.1. In gcc/libgcc2.c and gcc/frame.c I had to
define inhibit_libc to make it possible to compile at all.
Unfortunately the code say very little about what you can expect to be
broken when the forward declarations in the header files are missing.
The crossgcc 2.8.1 patch mentions the assert.h file but are other
components involved ? 


Andreas Bach Aaen

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