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Re: [ECOS] Re: GCC: different OS targets.

Brendan Simon wrote:
> Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> [snip]
> It would be nice to have just one compiler but I think I could live with having
> one compiler for each ABI, but having multiple compilers for the same ABI (eg
> EABI) seems wasteful.  I would probably still push for the one compiler and be
> able to select the multilibs to build (specify each lib or family of libs via
> configure).

But then you wouldn't have a single compiler - you would only have a single
source base. You would need to recompile things everytime you needed a new
multilib. Is this really that much better? Lazy compilation would be an
interesting idea though - thus hammering home the benefits of Open Source

> > BTW, for these reasons, making eCos use the standard toolchain isn't as
> > clean as we would like. We override the linker script, and use -nostdlib to
> > avoid picking up the default crt0's and libc. I don't know how easy it is
> > for other OS's to do something similar though.
> Surely this is easily accomplised via the specs file (eg. -mecos).

Sure, if you are willing to encourage users to patch existing spec files
:-). Alternatively, you just do what we do and encourage users to use
Makefiles so they have less to type. That means you aren't forcing a user to
tamper with an existing toolchain, which they may be using for non-eCos
purposes as well.

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