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Re: BFD Documentation?

I got some BFD info pages from some place.  Here is what I found
in the history section.  Did you check out the GNU mirrors?  I 
would think that the info files might be located there.  I imagine
it is actually tex source that was churned into .info and .html

Here is are some html links,

I don't know of the 'official' location of the documentation.


[From BFD info pages]


     One spur behind BFD was the desire, on the part of the GNU 960 team
  at Intel Oregon, for interoperability of applications on their COFF and
  b.out file formats.  Cygnus was providing GNU support for the team, and
  was contracted to provide the required functionality.

     The name came from a conversation David Wallace was having with
  Richard Stallman about the library: RMS said that it would be quite
  hard--David said "BFD".  Stallman was right, but the name stuck.

     At the same time, Ready Systems wanted much the same thing, but for
  different object file formats: IEEE-695, Oasys, Srecords, a.out and 68k

     BFD was first implemented by members of Cygnus Support; Steve
  Chamberlain (`'), John Gilmore (`'), K.
  Richard Pixley (`') and David Henkel-Wallace

[end BFD info pages]

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Hammond <> writes:

    >> I am trying to build a cross compiler using cygwin for a 1750A
    >> target.  I get hung up during the configure phase because there
    >> is no BFD support for the 1750A in bfd/config.bfd (the 2.95
    >> version of bfd/config.bfd has the same problem).  I can't find
    >> any docs on what BFD is or how to add to it so I have to figure
    >> this out by looking at the source code and hacking in 1750A
    >> support, which is slow.
    >> If someone can point me to the docs for BFD that would be
    >> helpful.
    >> Based on the GCC docs I have seen on the 1750A it seems that
    >> this used to work.  What happened?
    >> Thanks,
    >> Jeff

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