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gcc for Palm Pilot (fwd)

I set the following to the old list by mistake.  However, I have a different

I sent mail to the lists last night about building the palmos tools 
specifically gcc-  (See message quoted below.)

Well w/o waiting for an answer I tryed using the egcs-1.1.2 source which
with LinuxPPC.  The configure went well (acepted m68k-palmos-coff) without 
trouble.  However, I keep getting unable to find file errors, specifically 
things like stdlib.h.  I added -I/usr/include to the compile comand which 
removed the errors.  I am concerned for 2 reasons, 1) because the makefile
/usr/include defined with a coment "cross-compile redefines this" 2) the 
compiler gives a warning "undefined asuming Big-Endian byte ordering."   I 
have never built a x-comiler before.  I assume that because the compiler is 
runing on my PPC it would need the standard system includes.  Is this

Has anyone built the egcs tools for the palmos?  It is possible or is gnu
just configureing for a phantom set up it really does not understand?

Ira Weiny

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> I am running into the probelm quoted below and am wondering if anyone has
> a solution?  I am attempting to create gcc on a PowerMac for the
> PalmOS.
> I know that I am building a cross-compiler and have issued the following
> command as well.
> ./configure --build=powerpc --target=m68k-palmos-coff --prefix=/usr/palm
> And it gives me the same error.  When I read the README with gcc I don't see
> a PowerPC Linux option?  But I am pretty sure I had gcc with my old
> release?
> Any help would be apreciated..
> Thanks
> Ira Weiny
> Jens Ch. Restemeier wrote:
> >
> >> has anybody built the gcc for the PalmPilot on LinuxPPC (Mac PB3400)?
> >> 
> >> I got stuck in building gcc- Are there any links or info
> >> specific to LinuxPPC and not to the 386-Linux?
> >
> > You are building a M68k cross-compiler in both cases, so the Intel
> > instructions should  apply, too.
> I am getting the following error message when running configure:
> This appears to be a ppc-unknown-linux system.
> Configuration powerpc-unknown-linux not supported
> binutils-2.7 works fine.
> Is there a hack for the gcc- to compile under linuxppc or a newer

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