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RE: motorola coldfire patches ?


> I'll check this with the engineer who is actually working on this (I
> mostly forwared his questions). I think he finally managed to make an elf
> compiler, however, apparently, his code dies when compiled in elf, and
> SDS still cannot read the symbols. He'll be back tomorrow, I'll check
> with him.

Binutils-2.9.1, gcc-2.95 and newlib-1.8.1 should build OK out of the box for
the ColdFire. Binutils is getting a bit old in the tooth and has a few bugs.
Newlib-1.8.1 also has a nasty bug with the newlib-1.8.1/libgloss/m68k/crt0.S
which fails to zero the .bss section properly(newlib-1.8.0 works fine
though). Other than that the basic tool support is great.

I have a small collection of linker scripts and patches which I use to
create my own Linux and Win32 binaries. These can be found at (different URL but the same
stuff) in my gcc-m68k-essentials package in the download section. They will
need to be tweeked a bit for ELF support but there's not much that needs

I'm not surprised with your problems with SDS. A couple of weeks ago I
produced a set of test binaries for people who didn't want to download the
latest EGCS(I mean gcc) and binutils snapshots but wanted to test m68k-elf
support with their debugger. People with Noral and SDS kit both reported
being unable to load the resulting binaries. About the same time I had a
short email from an engineer at Noral who said there were a few problems
with the debugging information but didn't provide any info to go hunting for
problems... I offered my help but haven't heard anyhting since. SDS have
also made vaguely promising noises about supporting the GNU compiler but
failed to provide any info as to where the problem lies... A pair of typical
British software companies I'm afraid.....

For embedded debugging, my recommendation is a copy of the Display Data
Debugger(DDD), GDB and the appropriate BDM driver for your hardware(a
ColdFire one is on my web page) running under Linux. Simple to setup and top
quality debugging.


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