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Re: Cygwin hosted Linux toolchain -- Howto test run

=?iso-8859-1?Q?"=D8ystein_O_Johansen"?= <> writes:

BTW: How does my name look on non-scandinavian computers?
(The first letter of my name is supposed to be an O, with a slash across)

---- Mumit wrote ----

>> $ cd /usr/src/BUILD/binutils-
>> $ CONFIG_SHELL=bash /usr/local/src/binutils- \
>>     --prefix=$prefix --target=$target --with-gnu-libc -v
>> Note: I had to add the --with-gnu-libc flag here!

> This shouldn't be needed, but I'll double check.

*Recalling human memory* ..Thinking.. thinking...

Yes! It was a problem with fnmatch.c in binutils/libiberty
Here is the comment in the code, that made me put that flag on:

/* Comment out all this code if we are using the GNU C Library, and are not
   actually compiling the library itself.  This code is part of the GNU C
   Library, but also included in many other GNU distributions.  Compiling
   and linking in this code is a waste when using the GNU C library
   (especially if it is a shared library).  Rather than having every GNU
   program understand `configure --with-gnu-libc' and omit the object
   it is simpler to just do this in the source for each such file.  */

I do not remember the exact error message when I didn't use this flag.

>> At this this point I started to hesitate. Was I supposed to go up
>> /usr/src/BUILD/gcc-2.95 before running configure? I decided to do that,
>> (I don't remember why I did, but it seemd logical at that moment), so
>> $ cd ..
> Correct.

Maybe am not so stupid after all... 8-)

> I'll clarify this in the howto.

>> Note: I added -v at the end. Just from habit. (Hope this isn't a big
>>  consequence?)
> No consequences. I always use -v.

See? I'm smart!

> What happens if you configure/build binutils without --with-gnu-libc?

fnmatch.c faild. see above!

I'll try the whole configure/build process once more. with/without
the --with-gnu-libc flag! I have not resigned this! I will give futher

Best regards,

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