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Re: remote gdb with shared serial port

> >>>>> "D" == D F S <> writes:
>     >> The box is plugged into the serial port of an NCD X-terminal,
>     >> so the host computer must communicate with the serial port via
>     >> a socket, such as a telnet connection.

>     D> How is this setup handled?
> I just got the NCD serial port working today.  :-)
Instructions deleted

>     D> I Need to build an RS-485-Ethernet Gateway
> My NCD only does rs-232, but a couple of driver chips and you should
> be able to convert this.
I actually have a bunch of converters.
2 are Black Box level converters with some basic diagnostics and I also
have an odd bunch of cenverters I presumed to be modems.

They look like wall-wart power transformers and have a 9 pin DIN plug
and 2 modular phone type connectors on the bottom and no real markings.

I bought them surplus from someplace I once worked.

I presumed they were modems and got them for embedded/home automation
type projects.
I tore one apart and realized they weren't modems and the ICs in them
were 422 converters.

>     D> I also have some older Ethernet Routers and a new ISDN router
>     D> which only configure thru a serial port.  Being able to telnet
>     D> to them from anywhere on the network would be great.
> Some routers do not permit telnetting in by default for security
> reasons, but some Cisco's allow it to be enabled if desired.
The current firmware on my router may support a telnet connection
after it is configured and given an IP address.

Another issue is the router sends status info and telephone/ISDN
info out the serial port and I'd like to interface that to a homebuilt
PBX system.

I am a bit concerned about the security issues, but it is not that
big of a worry to me.

> I hope it works for you.


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