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Re: Testing Win32-hosted Linux-targetted egcs: dejagnu???

"Kevin Farrell" <> writes:
> Hi,
> I have a Win32-hosted Linux-targetted egcs-1.1.2 up and running. I've tested
> a number of small programs with it, but I would really like to approach the
> testing of this cross-compiler in a more methodical/scientific manner. My
> initial inclination is that the testsuite which comes with the egcs-1.1.2
> sources might be a good place to start. However, as far as I can determine,
> I need to use dejagnu with this testsuite. Is this correct? If so, then
> surely I need a Win32-hosted version of dejagnu running first? Is dejagnu
> also the interface for running the programs (which would not be possible for
> my case since the compiler produces linux executables using a win32-based
> compiler)??? Is it possible to compile the dejagnu sources for a win32
> platform? Do I really need dejagnu --- some of the testsuite programs "do
> things" but don't send anything to stdout --- or is there another way I can
> get feedback from the programs???

You of course know that you can only exercise the compile tests and not
execution tests.

Cygwin expect port is too unstable to run all the tests. I have a stable 
expect/dejagnu setup for windows32, but it's rather a hacked setup that 
took lots of experimentation to set up.

  - dejagnu setup based on a snapshot from about a year ago + local
  - Gordon Chaffee's Expect/NT

I then create site.exp for each tests and run expect directly. If you're 
really interested, I can go into this in more detail, but you may just 
reconsider and run the tests on a real linux box using a native compiler.

Building cross compiler involves certain amounts of black magic, but
it's nothing compared to what it takes to do cross testing!


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