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Re: PowerPC Cross Compilers

Jessica K Brown wrote:

> Hi.

Hello Jessica.

> I got your email address off the various EGCS/GCC mailing lists.  I've been
> attempting to build a cross-compiler for some time now and have had no success.
> There are several configurations that my company could possible use, including
> powerpc-elf and wrs-vxworks.  Each attempt at making yields the same errors.
> Once one error is fixed, another crops up.  The host is cygwin (windows nt).

Yep.  I sufferred the same experience and it is very frustrating.  Keep at, keep
asking questions and supplying as much information as possible to the CrossGCC
mailing list and you/we will get there.  It's how I managed to figure out how
things work (well most things).

> I have followed the instructions in the CrossGCC FAQ, and all the tools built
> successfully.  However, when attemptiong to cross-compile, I received linker
> errors.  I attempted to use the cywin gcc, and received the same error.  It
> seems as if the two linkers were mixed up.

The CrossGCC FAQ needs updating.  I'm working (very slowly) on some cross-compiler
HOWTOs.  eg. linux-to-powerpc-eabi, linux-to-powerpc-linux,
linux-to-cygwin-to-powerpc-eabi canadian build etc.  I've started and will post
something (soon I hope).

I have not built any gcc tools on cygwin.  I have been advised my many gcc gurus
to use a Unix like machine (ie. Linux for me).  It is faster and I guess proven.
This is what I have used and would recommend until you get a firm grasp of how to
build the tools.  Once this is done you can try building with cygwin but you will
probably not want to do it again due to the speed of building.

> I would prefer using GCC-2.95 as the cross-compiler.  I have built the BINUTILS
> for powerpc, but still cannot get the compiler to make without error.  The
> current error says that "limits.h" cannot be found even though I used
> "--with-headers=<dir name>".

Me too.  I would like to use gcc-2.95 but I have just managed to get egcs-1.1.2 to
compile for all my platforms and I am now exhausted.  It has taken months to get
it all going.  It should only take a couple of nights (in theory) now that I have
a good idea of the problems and how to solve/avoid them.  I will tackly gcc-2.95
when I'm a bit more refreshed.

Just to clarify what C library are you using.  Is it glibc or newlib ?  If newlib,
I am assuming you used the "--with-headers=<newlib-path>/newlib/libc/include".
This worked fine for me.  I was using it with --target=powerpc-eabi.  Also try
with the --with-newlib option.

> Any help or suggestion that you may have will be much appreciated.

No problems.

Good luck,
Brendan Simon.

PS. I've also sent this to the CrossGCC mailing list.  Please post questions there
so that others may reply and so that others can see replies and answer their own


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