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Building egcs with cygwin on win95

Hi all!
Is it actually possible to build egcs under win95 with cygwin? 
Has anyone managed to do this and live to tell about it? :-)

My first attempt resulted in loads of crashes until I found out
about the Jan 15 snapshot of cygwin. This seemed to solve
the crashes but now the 'make cross' gets stuck in some
sort of weird recursive loop checking a file called 'iostream.list'.
Eventually it runs out of processes. Below is some out the
output. It seems to not be able to find a directory which I'm sure
is there (../libiberty). I have /build/egcs/libiberty/ and 
/build/egcs/m68k-coff/libiberty/ directories floating about.

I am using cygwin B20 with the Jan 15 snapshot and trying
to compile egcs-1.1.2 to target m68k-coff with make 3.77.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

<------output from 'make cross' ----->


make[23]: `iostream.list' is up to date.
make[23]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libio'
cd ../libiberty ; make "SHELL=/bin/sh" "INSTALL=/bin/sh
ll-sh -c" "INSTALL_DATA=/bin/sh /source/egcs-1.1.2/install-sh -c -m 644"
L_PROGRAM=/bin/sh /source/egcs-1.1.2/install-sh -c -x"
"prefix=/gcc-m68k" "exec_
prefix=/gcc-m68k" "tooldir=/gcc-m68k/m68k-coff"
de/g++" "libsubdir=/gcc-m68k/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-coff/egcs-2.91.66"
cs-2.91.66" "gcc_version_trigger=/source/egcs-1.1.2/gcc/version.c"
-ar" "AR_FLAGS=rc" "CC=/build/egcs/gcc/xgcc -B/build/egcs/gcc/
-idirafter /build
/egcs/m68k-coff/newlib/targ-include -idirafter
clude -nostdinc" "CXX=/build/egcs/gcc/xgcc -B/build/egcs/gcc/ -idirafter
egcs/m68k-coff/newlib/targ-include -idirafter
lude -nostdinc" "CFLAGS=-g -O2  -m68000" "CXXFLAGS=-g -O2  -m68000"
f-nm" "RANLIB=m68k-coff-ranlib" "LIBCFLAGS=-g -O2  -m68000"
-fno-implicit-templates  -m68000" "LOADLIBES=" "LDFLAGS=-m68000"
/bin/sh: cd: ../libiberty: No such file or directory
make[23]: Entering directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libstdc++'
cd ../libio ; make "SHELL=/bin/sh" "INSTALL=/bin/sh
h -c" "INSTALL_DATA=/bin/sh /source/egcs-1.1.2/install-sh -c -m 644"
OGRAM=/bin/sh /source/egcs-1.1.2/install-sh -c -x" "prefix=/gcc-m68k"
ix=/gcc-m68k" "tooldir=/gcc-m68k/m68k-coff"
++" "libsubdir=/gcc-m68k/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-coff/egcs-2.91.66"
.91.66" "gcc_version_trigger=/source/egcs-1.1.2/gcc/version.c"
 "AR_FLAGS=rc" "CC=/build/egcs/gcc/xgcc -B/build/egcs/gcc/ -idirafter
s/m68k-coff/newlib/targ-include -idirafter
e -nostdinc" "CXX=/build/egcs/gcc/xgcc -B/build/egcs/gcc/ -idirafter
/m68k-coff/newlib/targ-include -idirafter
 -nostdinc" "CFLAGS=-g -O2  -m68000" "CXXFLAGS=-g -O2  -m68000"
" "RANLIB=m68k-coff-ranlib" "LIBCFLAGS=-g -O2  -m68000" "LIBCXXFLAGS=-g
-O2 -fno
-implicit-templates  -m68000" "LOADLIBES=" "LDFLAGS=-m68000"
" "" "SHCURSES=" "RUNTESTFLAGS=" iostream.list
make[24]: Entering directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libio'
make[24]: `iostream.list' is up to date.
make[24]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libio'


/bin/sh: fork: No more processes
make[62]: *** [../libio/iostream.list] Error 128
make[62]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libstdc++'
make[61]: *** [../libiberty/libiberty.a] Error 2
make[61]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libstdc++'
make[60]: *** [../libiberty/libiberty.a] Error 2
make[60]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libstdc++'
make[59]: *** [../libiberty/libiberty.a] Error 2
make[59]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libstdc++'
make[58]: *** [../libiberty/libiberty.a] Error 2
make[58]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libstdc++'
make[57]: *** [../libiberty/libiberty.a] Error 2
make[57]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs/m68k-coff/m68000/libstdc++'
make[56]: *** [../libiberty/libiberty.a] Error 2
make[1]: *** [all-target-libstdc++] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/build/egcs'
make: *** [cross] Error 2

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