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Re: objcopy with EFI x86_64 support

Am 07.12.18 um 16:54 schrieb H.J. Lu:
On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 6:52 AM Peter Wiehe <> wrote:
Am 07.12.18 um 15:46 schrieb H.J. Lu:
On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 6:31 AM Peter Wiehe <> wrote:
Am 07.12.18 um 15:27 schrieb H.J. Lu:
On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 5:25 AM Peter Wiehe <> wrote:
I have used the option "--enable-targets=all". If this doesn't work why
should the sub-set work? I've tried your suggestion nonetheless but it
didn't produce an objcopy with the desired support.
What does your "objcopy --help" say?

objcopy: Unterstützte Ziele: elf64-x86-64 elf32-i386 elf32-iamcu
elf32-x86-64 a.out-i386-linux pei-i386 pei-x86-64 elf64-l1om elf64-k1om
elf64-little elf64-big elf32-little elf32-big pe-x86-64 pe-bigobj-x86-64
pe-i386 plugin srec symbolsrec verilog tekhex binary ihex
I think EFI x86-64 is supported.  Why do you think it isn't supported?

I quote the README from gnu-efi:

.......... quote begin ............

- A version of "objcopy" that supports EFI applications.  To
        check if your version includes EFI support, issue the

          objcopy --help

        Verify that the line "supported targets" contains the string
        "efi-app-ia32" and "efi-app-x86_64" and that the "-j" option
        accepts wildcards.

............ quote end ............

That's why I assume that it's not supporting it.


efi-app-x86_64 is translated to pei-x86_64.

I'm going to fix the misleading gnu-efi readme. So I have to replace not only the 64 bit variant, but efi-app-ia32, too, despite the fact that I don't want to use the 32 bit variant myself. For that goal I've read that bugzilla file again and again thoroughly, but it escapes me to what efi-app-ia32 is translated to. I can't dinf a "pei-ia32". Could you, please, tell me?

Kind regards

Peter Wiehe

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