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RE: (Retransmission, correct recipients) 2nd Review Meeting: WP4 presentation checklist

Dear Chiaki,

I am currently working on the preparation of the presentation for WP4.  I have already received the input from Yam. Please check with Yam if that covers what you would like to report from Japan side.

The structure is the same as the first review. Our EU side mainly focuses on heavy edges while Japan side focuses on lightweight edges. We just need to update them with our latest achievements.

I will share the slides with your side this Thursday.

Best regards,

From: chiaki-ishikawa-thunderbird-account []
Sent: Montag, 10. September 2018 20:52
To: Yamakami Toshihiko; Bin Cheng
Cc: Francois Carrez (; 東大 越塚 様;; Haller Stephan;; Binutils
Subject: (Retransmission, correct recipients) 2nd Review Meeting: WP4 presentation checklist

(I am retransmitting because the WP4 e-mail was sent to the wrong recipients.
Francois and Koshizuka san, please ignore the WP4 message.)

Dear Bin and Yam,

This is Chiaki writing.
Stephan and I discussed the 2nd Review meeting agenda, and the following is based on his observation and my update after talking to Japanese partners afterward.

This is just to confirm if our understanding is correct and to learn if the persons mentioned as responsible for the presentations see urgent requests for some material, etc.

I will send the updated annotated review meeting agenda with this information (INTERNAL USE ONLY).



WP4 presentation Topic.

Chiaki has heard from Yam that the responsible persons got in contact already. Good!


WP 4 – Cloud & Edge Programming

Stephan and Chiaki think that Bin will be probably the lead presenter on the EU approach and Yam will be the lead presenter on the Japanese approach [The two approaches are very different].
We need to make sure that the different emphasis on the EU and Japanese sides about the lightweight-ness of the edge node that was mentioned in the first review [Japanese approach is based on the ULTRA-lightweight edge nodes]
ここは第一回のレビューでもやったように、日本とEUのエッジノードのアプローチの差(日本の方がはるかにlightweight のデバイス想定)を強調したうえで、EU側の発表をBing, 日本側を山上に依頼。

Bin Cheng (NEC)
Toshihiko Yamakami (ACC)

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