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[PATCH][binutils][AArch64] Fix debug trace build for AArch64.

Hi All,

The build with debug tracing enabled (`-DDEBUG_AARCH64`)
is currently broken. A variable that no longer exists is being
referenced from the debug statement.

Regtested on aarch64-none-linux-gnu and no regressions,

Ok for master?

PS. I do not have commit rights so if OK can someone commit for me?

2017-04-24  Tamar Christina  <>

	* aarch64-opc.c (aarch64_logical_immediate_p): Update DEBUG_TRACE arguments.

diff --git a/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c b/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c
index cc99c101236c542ff94bb9c0abc09df521ced330..a52ea70c0093f7daaecfd58e3f0e81a3953abf5f 100644
--- a/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c
+++ b/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c
@@ -1204,8 +1204,8 @@ aarch64_logical_immediate_p (uint64_t value, int esize, aarch64_insn *encoding)
   uint64_t upper;
   int i;
-  DEBUG_TRACE ("enter with 0x%" PRIx64 "(%" PRIi64 "), is32: %d", value,
-	       value, is32);
+  DEBUG_TRACE ("enter with 0x%" PRIx64 "(%" PRIi64 "), esize: %d", value,
+	       value, esize);
   if (initialized == FALSE)

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