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Re: ld for ia64-hp-openvms target

On 03/18/2015 12:45 PM, Tristan Gingold wrote:
ia64-hp-openvms-ld: cannot find -limagelib
>ia64-hp-openvms-ld: cannot find -lstarlet
>ia64-hp-openvms-ld: cannot find -lsys$public_vectors
You have to import these libraries from a VMS system.

I imported the 3 of them from VMS by using copy and zip them before transfer to Unix.

While the cross ld _seems_ to correctly process imagelib.exe and starlet.exe, a segfault is raised while processing sys$public_vectors.exe [1]

Did you took sys$public_vectors.exe 'as it is' from VMS or did you rework/transform/.../ it ?

in function elf64_vms_link_add_object_symbols htab->dynobj has NULL value in the call to elf64_ia64_create_dynamic_sections
Moreover in function elf64_ia64_create_dynamic_sections elf_hash_table (info)->dynobj also has NULL value

Any idea why both htab->dynobj and elf_hash_table (info)->dynobj has NULL value ?




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