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[comnitted, PATCH] Display --interleave[=<number>]

Optional argument of a command line option must start with "=".

	* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Replace "--interleave [<number>]" with
 binutils/ChangeLog | 5 +++++
 binutils/objcopy.c | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/binutils/ChangeLog b/binutils/ChangeLog
index 230a58d..bbc00b9 100644
--- a/binutils/ChangeLog
+++ b/binutils/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2015-04-08  H.J. Lu  <>
+	* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Replace "--interleave [<number>]" with
+	--interleave[=<number>].
 2015-04-05  H.J. Lu  <>
 	* readelf.c (get_elf_section_flags): Support SHF_COMPRESSED.
diff --git a/binutils/objcopy.c b/binutils/objcopy.c
index 128044c..a21006a 100644
--- a/binutils/objcopy.c
+++ b/binutils/objcopy.c
@@ -537,7 +537,7 @@ copy_usage (FILE *stream, int exit_status)
   -w --wildcard                    Permit wildcard in symbol comparison\n\
   -x --discard-all                 Remove all non-global symbols\n\
   -X --discard-locals              Remove any compiler-generated symbols\n\
-  -i --interleave [<number>]       Only copy N out of every <number> bytes\n\
+  -i --interleave[=<number>]       Only copy N out of every <number> bytes\n\
      --interleave-width <number>   Set N for --interleave\n\
   -b --byte <num>                  Select byte <num> in every interleaved block\n\
      --gap-fill <val>              Fill gaps between sections with <val>\n\

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