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2.21.1 ?

[1/3] Spelling fixes

[2/3] Spelling fixes

[3/3] Spelling fixes

Re: [ARM] Cortex A8 workarounds for PLT tail calls

[ARM] signed zero

Re: [commit] Re: [ppc64] eu-strip vs. func addresses for GDB inferior calls #3

[committed] Fix -mfix-24k tests for 64-bit targets

[committed] Fix mipsisa32-linux-gnu linker failures

[Committed] S/390: Add checking for register pair operands

[Committed] S/390: Register pair checking for floating point

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 11/18: update GOT/PLT

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 12/18: Add end-to-end test cases for incremental update

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 13/18: Dynamic relocations

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 14/18: Add soname and as_needed

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 15/18: Add --incremental-base option.

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 16/18: COMDAT groups

[gold patch] Incremental 19/22: Add testcases for COPY relocs and COMMON symbols

[gold patch] Incremental 20/22: Fix problem caused by realignment of data segment

[gold patch] Incremental 21/22: Return exit status 2 for fallback to --incremental-full

Re: [GOLD][PATCH PROPOSAL] prevent discarding of needed local symbols for the relocatable objects

[gold][patch] Clean up library names search

[patch 2.21/trunk] fix binutils install target for multi powerpc target configuration

[Patch v2] bfd elfxx-ia64: share code between elf32 and elf64

[PATCH, GAS, ARM]. Warn on Erratum 752419.

[PATCH,plugins,head+2.21] Fix pr12365 on COFF.

[PATCH,plugins,head+2.21] Handle COMDAT groups on ELF.

[Patch/xcoff]: Add .dwsect pseudo

[Patch/xcoff]: xcofflink.c: handle new dwarf sections and symbols

[PATCH] add bdver2 processor.

[Patch] Add private dumper to objdump

[PATCH] allow setting LDFLAGS_FOR_TARGET in top-level configuration.

[Patch] bfd elfxx-ia64: share code between elf32 and elf64

[PATCH] C6X automagic cantinuwing marking

Re: [PATCH] C6X unwinding table generation

[PATCH] C6X unwinding table generation #2

[Patch] Dump unknown dwarf lne records

[patch] Fix BSD build regression on core file's PID

[PATCH] Fix up readelf -wo for GCC 4.6+ output

Re: [patch] Implement core file's PID for s390* and ppc*

[PATCH] readelf/objdump DW_OP_GNU_{{const,regval,deref}_type,convert,reinterpret} support

Re: [Patch]: complete coff/rs6000.h

Re: [Patch]: Fix a typo in coff/rs6000.h

[Patch]: ld: ignore --identification for ld/alpha-vms

[Patch]: Remove dead-code in gas for vax-vms

Re: [RFA] ar.c (delete_members): Plug memory leak.

[RFA] Linker script extension SECTION_FLAGS

[rx,head,2.21] fix lma/vma swap when reading executables in

[vms/committed] Put all *$CODE* sections to $CODE$

[vms/committed]: fix multiple section load (and misc)

ARM branches to absolute addresses

ARM pc-relative loads

ARMv4-t TLS stub fix

Re: backport plugin fixes to 2.21

bfd/version.h hasn't been updated

C6X new PCR relocs

C6X OSABI field

C6X: Change Tag_ABI_PID and _PIC handling

Re: Comments requested for proposed for ld scripting language extension

Commit: Do not run shared.exp in a cross-build environment

Commit: MN10300: Generate .got entries for GOT based relocs

Commit: Remove unused variable from tc-s390.c

Commit: V850: Define TC_FIX_SIZE_SLACK

Commit: V850: Fix encoding of CMPF.S and CMPF.D instructions

Committed: fix cris-aout testsuite, disable --pic. RFC: remove emulations?

common symbols and GNU ld

Creating archive file with main

dlclose() doesn't unload any .so that uses Boost

Fix cris-* fallout from Re: Fix PR12763, .tbss mishandling

Fix ld testcases on c6x

Fix PR12763, .tbss mishandling

Fix testsuite XPASSes

Re: gas -Werror compilation break [Re: [patch ld bfd gas]: Handle linkonce for cfi generated debug_frame and eh_frame data]

Re: gcc -nostdlib -Wl,--script=xxx but "ld: this linker was not configured to use sysroots"

git <author> settings from logs

GNU as and assembler listing and -pipe and gcc!!!...

Re: gold cannot handle _start in a library

Gold linker - help with .reginfo section for mips

gold patch committed: Accept -i as synonym for -r

gold patch committed: Ignore empty reloc sections

gold patch committed: Update order if section flags change

gold patch committed: Use -Wl,-R,. for gold testsuite shared libs

gold patch committed: Use different temporary file names in tests

gold patch committed: Use semaphores instead of mutexes in tls_test

gprof - reg

Gqsqvb Iammgzaja Bmmvg

How to create an image file with a specific size from a linked absolute code

ld error message %C format

Re: ld's targets vs emulations (intending to link EFI binaries on Linux)

Re: ld's targets vs emulations (intending to link EFI binaries on Linux)

ld's targets vs emulations (intending to link EFI binaries on Linux)

Re: ld's targets vs emulations (intending to link EFI binaries on Linux)

Re: internal error in make_view, at

ld: target not found collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Re: Link with mixed IR/non-IR objects

Linker -T Option


Looking for a binreloc format

New Finnish PO file for 'gas' (version 2.20.90)

New French PO file for 'gas' (version 2.20.90)

objdump --full-contents endianess

partial linking that resolves relocations

Patch for bug #2596

PATCH: Add -plugin-save-temps

Re: PATCH: Handle STT_GNU_IFUNC symols when building shared library

PATCH: PR ld/12730: regression] crash when allocating in a static constructor

PATCH: PR ld/12761: .gnu.warning.* doesn't work when building shared library

PATCH: PR ld/12809: R_X86_64_TPOFF64 isn't handled properly

Pdf doc

PE32/PE32+ linking of DLLs (and EFI applications)

Ping [Patch v2] bfd elfxx-ia64: share code between elf32 and elf64

Ping: [ARM] Cortex A8 workarounds for PLT tail calls

PR ld/12727 ppc64 bug with dot symbols

PR12726 - cannot move location counter backwards

PR12760 plugin vs. warning syms

Problems with linker on Alpha

Proposal for Win64 exception handling directives

Refix MIPS GOT_PAGE counting

Re: Release 2.21.1 ?

Release 2.21.1 [again]

Remove duplicate structs

remove unused field of struct bfd_link_hash_entry

RFA: Patch for PR gas/12715 incorrect encoding of 64-bit immediates for ARM targets

RFA: V850: Separate DATA and HEAP memory areas

RFC/RFA: MN10300: Fix handling of protected functions in shared libraries.

Re: RFC: A new MIPS64 ABI

Re: some question about output section

Re: Strange LMA/VMA behavior with regions

strip/objcopy segfault with archives

Thumb branches to an absolute address

Thumb interworking on untyped symbols

Re: where I can get the pdf version of binulities manul

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