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Re: binutils prerequisites (recent zlib version - what else?)

ohh silly me, sorry, I sent my reply to the wrong list :-(

I'm trying again:

>> I noticed that gcc has an option `--with-system-zlib', so in
>> total I would need --with-system-zlib=no, but if I understand
>> correctly this is not supported by binutil/bfd.
>> Did I understand correctly?
> Unrecognized --with options are ignored.

Yes, I know this from autoconf.

> The difference in the options
> is because for gcc, zlib is not optional when building libjava.  For the
> binutils zlib is always optional.

so gcc can be built against its own zlib which is included in gcc source
but binutils cannot?
I though it could be possible to force to use the own zlib, which seems
to be impossible.
anyway, I don't need Java ATM.

Thanks for your quick replies and help,


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From: Steffen Dettmer <>
Date: Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 6:32 PM
Subject: Re: binutils prerequisites (recent zlib version - what else?)
To: Ian Lance Taylor <>
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