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Re: binutils prerequisites (recent zlib version - what else?)

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 2:43 PM, <> wrote:
> ../../../gcc-4.6.0/binutils/bfd/compress.c:100: warning: implicit
> declaration of function `compressBound'
> [...]
> I looked and
> ../gcc-4.6.0/binutils-2.21/configure --help|grep zlib
> but did not find --disable-zlib or alike.

Just in case someone else ever looks for the same, here a small update:

I found it here:
$ src/gcc-4.6.0/binutils/bfd/configure --help|grep zlib
  --with-zlib             include zlib support (auto/yes/no) default=auto

> Why do I need zlib at all?

It is explained in src/gcc-4.6.0/binutils/bfd/
# Link in zlib if we can.  This allows us to read compressed debug sections.
# This is used only by compress.c.

So for now the additional configure option `--with-zlib=no'
should avoid (or workaround?) my issue.

I assume that when zlib is installed, then at least some "recent"
version must be installed, because there is no
`--with-zlib=internal' or alike, is this correct?

I noticed that gcc has an option `--with-system-zlib', so in
total I would need --with-system-zlib=no, but if I understand
correctly this is not supported by binutil/bfd.
Did I understand correctly?



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