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Re: Ping [Patch] include/coff/xcoff.h: add new macros

On Apr 26, 2011, at 10:19 AM, Richard Sandiford wrote:

> Hi Tristan,
> Sorry to show my ignorance, but where did you get these macro
> definitions from?  I only have access to the public documentation
> and can't find definitions for some of these.

Note that I only have access to AIX 5.2 and 5.3.  Most of the macros are from public doc:

It looks like I indeed get the definitions of:

+ /* Executable requires large pages for text.  */
+ #define F_LPTEXT    0x0400
+ /* Executable requires large pages for data.  */
+ #define F_LPDATA    0x0800
+ /* Archive member ignored by the linker.  */
+ #define F_LOADONLY  0x4000
+ /* Read/write sections are non-executable.  */
+ #define F_NONEXEC   0x8000

directly from the AIX headers.  But F_LPDATA is mentioned in AIX 6.1 doc for ld, so is F_LOADONLY in strip command.

F_NONEXEC is documented in:

So only F_LPTEXT doesn't appear in IBM doc, but it appears in Valgrind code.

> I trust you that they're correct.  The reason I held back was that
> I was worried about copyright issues if the patch was a bulk copy of
> macros from the AIX header files.

I can remove these macros as they aren't yet used in binutils.  Tell me what do you prefer.


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