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binutils prerequisites (recent zlib version - what else?)


I'm trying to build gcc-4.6.0 with binutils-2.21 in the same
source directory which fails with

cc1: warnings being treated as errors
../../../gcc-4.6.0/binutils/bfd/compress.c: In function
../../../gcc-4.6.0/binutils/bfd/compress.c:100: warning: implicit
declaration of function `compressBound'
make[7]: *** [compress.lo] Error 1

(I guess without -Werror it won't link).
Google told that this is a zlib symbol and my zlib would be too
old. Do I need more libraries and stuff?

  (Also I'm afraid I could be unable to compile zlib because my
  gcc-3.2 is too old...)

I looked and
 ../gcc-4.6.0/binutils-2.21/configure --help|grep zlib
but did not find --disable-zlib or alike.

Why do I need zlib at all?

Do I have a conflict of ../gcc-4.6.0/zlib/ (which seems to have
strange subdirs only, there is no "unix" or so) and

I think binutils has low prerequisites and wonder why it does
not compile on linux, probably I did something wrong.

I extracted binutils to extracted gcc src dir and symlinked it to
"binutils" and configured gcc:
../gcc-4.6.0/configure \
  --prefix=/usr/local/exp/gcc-4.6.0/ \

Any hints how to progress or pointers to some documentation I
missed are appreciated.



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