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[patch ld]: Avoid duplicates in internal import/export element lists


by investigating for the issue about inlines in combination with
dllexport attribute I found
issues in ld's def-file handling of import and export list.  This
attached patch might fix
also PR binutils/12658 issue.

ChangeLog ld/

2011-04-13  Kai Tietz

	PR binutils/12658
	* deffile.h (def_file_add_export): Add is_dup argument.
	(def_file_add_import): Likewise.
	* deffilep.y (are_names_equal): New helper.
	(cmp_export_elem): New helper.
	(find_export_in_list): Add search routine for exports.
	(def_file_add_export): Check for duplicates.
	(cmp_import_elem): New helper.
	(find_import_in_list): Add search routine for imports.
	(def_file_add_import): Check for duplicates.
	(def_exports): Handle duplicates.
	(def_imports): Likewise.
	* pe-dll.c (process_def_file_and_drectve): Likewise.
	(pe_implied_import_dll): Likewise.

Tested for x86_64-w64-mingw32 and i686-w64-mingw32. Ok for apply?


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