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Re: [PATCH] ARM: gas not detecting invalid operands for Thumb2 ADD{S} and SUB{S}

(I don't have write permission into the Binutils CVS, so someone else will be merging the final patch.)

This is a resubmission of a patch I originally posted February 28th, 2011.
Here is a link to that original patch:
That was followed by a response from Paul Brook on March 11th, 2011:
This revised patch should address his concerns.

In ARMv6T2 and ARMv7 Thumb2, the ADD, ADDS, SUB, and SUBS instructions added several new restrictions for when the first 2 registers are SP. These forms are:


According to DDI-0406B page A8-30

d = UInt(Rd); m = UInt(Rm); setflags = (S == '1');
(shift_t, shift_n) = DecodeImmShift(type, imm3:imm2);
if d == 13&& (shift_t != SRType_LSL || shift_n> 3) then UNPREDICTABLE;
if d == 15 || BadReg(m) then UNPREDICTABLE;

The tc-arm.c file in the gas/config directory was already detecting the 'd==15' condition. But, there was no validation of the shift type or shift value when the first register specified was SP.
This patch adds that check.

This latest patch is a little different from the previous patch. Since I have no evidence that these added checks will be useful to other instructions, I moved the constraints into the function that is specific to these 4 instructions. That means I didn't need to add an argument to encode_thumb32_shifted_operand() nor need to add dummy arguments to a lot of calls to that function.

Since we can presume there are sufficient test cases for the valid uses of these instructions, I dropped back to just a single test case that shows error conditions for the above conditions.

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