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Re: [patch binutils]: Add --preprocessor-arg option to windres tool

2011/4/11 Nick Clifton <>:
> Hi Kai,
>> Ok, added documentation and NEWS entry for this new option.
>> Ok for apply?
> Yes - with two small changes:
> ?1) Add entries in the ChangeLog for the additions to NEWS and
> binutils.texi.
> ?2) Please could you change the description of the --preprocessor-arg option
> so that it is a little clearer. ?I suggest:
> ?@item --preprocessor-arg @var{option}
> ?When @command{windres} reads an @code{rc} file, it runs it through
> ?the C preprocessor first. ?This option may be used to specify
> ?additional text to be passed to preprocessor on its command line.
> ?This option can be used multiple ?times to add multiple options to
> ?the preprocessor command line.

Ok, modified as suggested. I added to this patch also new testcase,
which required an extension of winres rc scipt-based option scanning.

ChangLog binutils/

2011-04-11  Kai Tietz

	* windres.c (usage): Add new --preprocessor-arg option.
	(option_values): Add new OPTION_PREPROCESSOR_ARG enumerator.
	(option long_options): Add preprocessor-arg option.
	(main): Handle it.
	* doc/binutils.texi: Add documentation for --preprocessor-arg
	* NEWS: Add line about new --preprocessor-arg option for windres.

ChangLog binutils/testsuite/

2011-04-11  Kai Tietz

	* binutils-all/windres/windres.exp: Add '// cpparg <option>' command
	to rc file interpretation to specify addition pre-processor commands
	as script option.
	* binutils-all/windres/strtab3.rc: New.
	* binutils-all/windres/strtab3.rsd: New.
	* binutils-all/windres/README: Add note about cpparg script option.


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