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Re: [PATCH] C6X unwinding table generation

Regarding the whole patch series, there still seem to be some bits missing 
- are they going to come in subsequent patches?

* Testcase for linker handling of R_C6000_PREL31.

* Will the assembler properly generate CANTUNWIND markers for functions 
without unwind information, if a function with unwind information is 
followed by one without in the .s file?  Will the linker generate such 
markers for input objects without unwind information, and when doing a 
final link for the address after the end of the input objects?  This 
(similar to what you implemented for ARM a while back) is expressly 
required by the ABI (section 10.8.1 in version 0.9).

General comments on this individual patch (more later once I've gone 
through the details of it):

* Please name functions and variables in tc-tic6x.c to contain "tic6x" 
where possible.

* Assembler diagnostics should start with a lowercase letter.

* Each diagnostic in tc-tic6x.c should be tested by a testcase (if you 
think it's unreachable, abort instead).

* It looks to me like the state you put in the "unwind" variable should 
actually go in the tic6x_segment_info_type structure (maybe the c6x_unwind 
structure as an element of the tic6x_segment_info_type structure); the 
code generally tries to ensure that switching between sections works 
properly by keeping state there rather than in global variables.

Joseph S. Myers

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