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Re: [PATCH, ARM] MSR/MRS assembly and disassembly tweaks

Hi Julian,

     * config/tc-arm.c (parse_psr): Add LHS argument. Improve support
     for *APSR bitmasks.
     (operand_parse_code): Replace OP_PSR with OP_wPSR and OP_rPSR.
     Remove OP_RVC_PSR.
     (parse_operands): Likewise.
     (do_mrs): Tweak error message for constraint.
     (do_t_mrs): Update constraints for changes to APSR support.
     (do_t_msr): Likewise. Don't set PSR_f flag here.
     (psrs): Remove "g", "nzcvq", "nzcvqg".
     (insns): Tweak entries for msr and mrs instructions.

     * arm-dis.c (psr_name): Fix typo for BASEPRI_MAX.
     (print_insn_thumb32): Add APSR bitmask support.

     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v7-m.s: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v7-m.d: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v7-m-bad.d: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v7-m-bad.l: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v7-m-bad.s: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v7e-m.d: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v7e-m.s: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-arm-v7-a-bad.d: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-arm-v7-a-bad.l: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-arm-v7-a-bad.s: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-arm-v7-a.d: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-arm-v7-a.s: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-arm-v6.d: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-arm-v6.s: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v6t2.d: New.
     * gas/arm/mrs-msr-thumb-v6t2.s: New.
     * gas/arm/arch7.d: Fix typo in disassembly for BASEPRI_MAX,
     bitmasks for IAPSR etc.
     * gas/arm/arch7.s: Specify bitmask for APSR writes.
     * gas/arm/archv6m.s: Likewise.
     * msr-imm-bad.l: Tweak expected disassembly in error message.
     * msr-reg-bad.l: Likewise.
     * msr-imm.d: Tweak expected disassembly.
     * msr-reg.d: Likewise.
     * msr-reg-thumb.d: Likewise.
     * msr-imm.s: Specify bitmask on APSR writes.
     * msr-reg.s: Add comment about deprecated usage.

Approved - please apply.


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