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Re: Section symbols not getting created. Bug? Is attached patch correct fix?

Alan Modra wrote:
What I meant by "target" was a bfd target, but I see now that you are
just using the standard i386 and x86_64 elf targets.  It would
probably not be a good idea to create a special dragonfly target.  On
the other hand, it's also not a great idea for you to go off and patch
your binutils, even if forking is the traditional way of resolving
conflicts in BSD land.

I agree, I would rather use a completely stock version of binutils in DragonFly.

OK, so the correct thing to do is build your kernel modules with a custom linker script that specifies the sections and required symbols. That's quite easy, and you get to put the sections where you want them rather than relying on ld's orhpan section placement.

Now that you've seen Dimitri's response about how FreeBSD handle the same issue (2011-04/msg00079), would you still recommend a custom script or would FreeBSD's approach be a better one, all things considered?


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