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Section symbols not getting created. Bug? Is attached patch correct fix?

DragonFly BSD has moved to Binutils 2.21 from 2.17 for its upcoming release. During the transition an anomaly was seen, and the cause was traced back to missing __start_set and __end_set symbols within a generated file. It appeared that lang_insert_orphan function was silently discarding the section label symbols due to being assigned the "dot" (the origin).

It appears that exp_provide() function used there discards the symbols assigned "." and exp_assign() function does not. The following patch was used to restore the section label generation.

Did DragonFly discover a previously unknown bug?
Is this patch the correct approach to restore these missing section labels?


diff --git a/ld/ldlang.c b/ld/ldlang.c
index 76b02f4..6a6b09e 100644
--- a/ld/ldlang.c
+++ b/ld/ldlang.c
@@ -1821,10 +1821,9 @@ lang_insert_orphan (asection *s,
 	  e_align = exp_unop (ALIGN_K,
 			      exp_intop ((bfd_vma) 1 << s->alignment_power));
 	  lang_add_assignment (exp_assign (".", e_align));
-	  lang_add_assignment (exp_provide (symname,
+	  lang_add_assignment (exp_assign (symname,
 					    exp_unop (ABSOLUTE,
-						      exp_nameop (NAME, ".")),
-					    FALSE));
+						  exp_nameop (NAME, "."))));

@@ -1854,9 +1853,8 @@ lang_insert_orphan (asection *s,
       symname = (char *) xmalloc (ps - secname + sizeof "__stop_" + 1);
       symname[0] = bfd_get_symbol_leading_char (link_info.output_bfd);
       sprintf (symname + (symname[0] != 0), "__stop_%s", secname);
-      lang_add_assignment (exp_provide (symname,
-					exp_nameop (NAME, "."),
-					FALSE));
+      lang_add_assignment (exp_assign (symname,
+					exp_nameop (NAME, ".")));

/* Restore the global list pointer. */

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