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[REQUEST]Update config.sub from upstream

Humble[d] correspondent kindly requests that anyone with checkin privileges, 
who might feel inclined to perform a favor for a list n00b, to please update: 


from the upstream repository at:


Thus update will provide the basis for the Open8 team to make further 
contributions to the binutils source base, including, but not limited to, 
a port of binutils for the Open8 MCU softcore, a modern, open-source, 
clean-room rendition of the original Vautomation V8/ARC ARClite 8-bit RISC 
architecture.  Further information on the Open8 can be accessed at:,open8_urisc

The Open8 may very well be the simpliest realized processor that binutils has
ever been ported to, as it has only 39 native instructions, 8 registers, 
and a 64K address space, and can be instantiated in 300-500 LUTs in modern 

If said benefactor should ever happen to be in Portland, Oregon, correspondent 
would be most pleased to purchase them the beverage or beverages of their 
choice at any of the many fine local micro-breweries.

I Am, Most Sincerely, Yours,
Kirk Hays

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