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Re: [PATCH]Add support for Open8 configuration to config.sub (from config.git)

On Mon, 4 Apr 2011, wrote:
> Given that I don't have checkin privileges (nor should I), I made a guess that
> submitting the change as a patch was the most correct approach.

I'd go with a message to the effect of "Can someone please
import the latest config.sub and config.guess from the upstream
official repo (at where.ever/config.git) which includes support
for my new target, for which I'm about to submit a binutils
port, pretty please?  I'll submit those patches assuming those
imports are in place."

> Looking through the MAINTAINERS file gives some global context - is there more
> extensive documentation, perhaps a wiki that I've missed, that gives more of the
> day-to-day "etiquette"?

Nah, just the mailing list archives.  At least AFAIK.
Asking for instructions ahead of submitting code doesn't hurt either.
Hey, you've already been through the copyright assignment
process, this is the home stretch!

> I've really gotten off on the wrong foot, here,

No, not really.  You haven't been cursing or calling anyone
names, yet. :)  Just not doing things Exactly As Expected.

> and all I'm trying to accomplish
> is to contribute my binutils port for the Open8, so I can move on to finishing
> my gcc port.

(And pardon me for suggesting also doing src/sim and newlib
ports too, so others can verify trivial patches and problems.)

brgds, H-P

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