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RFC: on AIX, which "soname"-equivalent to prefer with runtime linking?


On libtool list I've started a thread to get some consensus upon how
to create shared libraries on AIX to provide full "soname" support
with runtime linking enabled [1].

After some more playing with the AIX multilib way, I've slightly modified
that way regarding the "# autoload" thing [2].

As a result, the current status of the way I'm after a consensus upon is:

*) Create the shared object "shr.o" (using '-G' linker flag).
*) Set the LOADONLY flag for "shr.o" (using 'strip -e').
*) Create the Import File "shr.imp", containing
   - this header line, being the "soname" emulation:
   - another header line telling the bits used:
       # 32
       # 64
   - the list of symbols exported.
*) Create the archive library "" from both
   "shr.imp" and "shr.o".
*) Create the symlinks as usual: -> ->
*) Create the static library archive "libNAME.a" from static objects.

For projects not using libtool, recently I've hacked up a wrapper around
AIX-ld to provide the '-soname' (and similar) flag, creating the "shared
library" actually being an archive containing "shr.imp" and "shr.o" [3].

First, what do you (at binutils) think all about this?

However, this wrapper uses AIX-specific tools to set the LOADONLY flag
and to extract the list of exported symbols from the shared object.

So, second, what I don't know yet is how this could work in a cross-aix
setup using recent binutils. Must admit I've not built recent binutils
for AIX yet, neither cross nor native.


Thank you!

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