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Re: m68hc11 target / S12X / XGATE

James Murray <> writes:

> Ideally I would like to contribute my work back to the mainstream of
> code, but need guidance first. I have done some searches on the
> following, but not seen the answer - so pointers appreciated.
> - what is the test process to satisfy that the code is good

make check

although it's not very effective as it mostly tests the binutils for
consistency with themselves rather than for consistency with actual
hardware.  Ideally you would also test your binutils using gcc, by
running "make check" in gcc and ensuring that the execution tests pass.
However, I understand in this case that the gcc port is also broken.

Note that the gcc port is on the verge of being deprecated and removed,
so if you want to save it this would be a good time to speak up on  See .

> - what authorisation process is used to validate my code changes?

Your changes can not be commited until they are approved by a binutils
maintainer.  The process is to send a patch to
and to ping the patch more or less weekly until a maintainer approves or
rejects it.

> - what "indent" commandline should I use on the C files I've altered ?

Usually running GNU indent with no options will do approximately the
right thing.

> - anything else?

You need to sign an FSF copyright assignment for your patches to be
accepted into the sources.  I can send you the form to start this
process if you need it.

The gcc contribution guidelines mostly apply to the binutils as well: (although as you know the binutils
still use CVS).

> Until now I've been using a 2.18 derivative, so I presume a first step
> would be to apply those changes to a CVS checkout and confirm it all
> works locally.



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