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Re: PATCH: 2 stage BFD linker for LTO plugin

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

> 2011-01-18  Ian Lance Taylor  <>
> 	* (class Plugin_rescan): Define new class.
> 	(Plugin_manager::claim_file): Set any_claimed_.
> 	(Plugin_manager::save_archive): New function.
> 	(Plugin_manager::save_input_group): New function.
> 	(Plugin_manager::all_symbols_read): Create Plugin_rescan task if
> 	necessary.
> 	(Plugin_manager::new_undefined_symbol): New function.
> 	(Plugin_manager::rescan): New function.
> 	(Plugin_manager::rescannable_defines): New function.
> 	(Plugin_manager::add_input_file): Set any_added_.
> 	* plugin.h (class Plugin_manager): define new fields rescannable_,
> 	undefined_symbols_, any_claimed_, and any_added_.  Declare
> 	Plugin_rescan as friend.  Declare new functions.
> 	(Plugin_manager::Rescannable): Define type.
> 	(Plugin_manager::Rescannable_list): Define type.
> 	(Plugin_manager::Undefined_symbol_list): Define type.
> 	(Plugin_manager::Plugin_manager): Initialize new fields.
> 	* (Archive::defines_symbol): New function.
> 	(Add_archive_symbols::run): Pass archive to plugins if any.
> 	* archive.h (class Archive): Declare defines_symbol.
> 	* (Input_group::~Input_group): New function.
> 	(Finish_group::run): Pass input_group to plugins if any.
> 	* readsyms.h (class Input_group): Declare destructor.
> 	* (add_from_object): Pass undefined symbol to plugins if
> 	any.

I have committed this gold patch to binutils mainline and binutils 2.21


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