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Re: forcing the linker to be a particular one (i.e. gold vs bfd)

On 19.01.2011 19:06, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Vladimir,

I am sorry but I am out of touch with this topic. It seems to me that there are
two solutions:

1. Use gcc's -B command line switch to select a directory containing the desired
linker, or more probably the desired collect2 or exec-tool script.

2. Add a new GCC command line switch to allow the user to select a linker by
name and then provide a mechanism for locating it.

Option 1 is easy and requires no changes, but as Matthias already pointed out,
it only works if the user (or build mechanism) already knows where the linker(s)
have been installed.

If I remember correctly my original patch implemented option 2 by adding some
more logic to gcc/ I still think that this is the easiest solution.
It should mean no other changes to gcc or the binutils and it makes use of a
linker wrapper mechanism that is already in place.

here is the patch originally written by Nick, and updated to the current trunk; lto test cases still don't work. I think I'm getting the linker selection wrong for these cases.


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