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Re: [patch] Add --compress-debug-sections option to gas

>> OK, I can start the explanation text on the next line, like
>> --reduce-memory-overheads (but unlike --debug-prefix-map). Should I
>> fix --debug-prefix-map while I'm there?
> Yes, that will be great.

OK, here's an updated patch...



       * NEWS: Add note about --compress-debug-sections.
       * as.c (show_usage): Add --compress-debug-sections and

diff --git a/gas/NEWS b/gas/NEWS
index 1b7f9e9..db6b6d4 100644
--- a/gas/NEWS
+++ b/gas/NEWS
@@ -9,6 +9,11 @@

 * Add support for the Renesas RX processor.

+* New command line option, --compress-debug-sections, which requests
+  compression of DWARF debug information sections in the relocatable output
+  file.  Compressed debug sections are supported by readelf, objdump, and
+  gold, but not currently by Gnu ld.
 Changes in 2.20:

 * GNU/Linux targets now supports "gnu_unique_object" as a value in the .type
diff --git a/gas/as.c b/gas/as.c
index e494fa5..45acbaa 100644
--- a/gas/as.c
+++ b/gas/as.c
@@ -246,9 +246,16 @@ Options:\n\
   fprintf (stream, _("\
   --alternate             initially turn on alternate macro syntax\n"));
   fprintf (stream, _("\
+  --compress-debug-sections\n\
+                          compress DWARF debug sections using zlib\n"));
+  fprintf (stream, _("\
+  --nocompress-debug-sections\n\
+                          don't compress DWARF debug sections\n"));
+  fprintf (stream, _("\
   -D                      produce assembler debugging messages\n"));
   fprintf (stream, _("\
-  --debug-prefix-map OLD=NEW  Map OLD to NEW in debug information\n"));
+  --debug-prefix-map OLD=NEW\n\
+                          map OLD to NEW in debug information\n"));
   fprintf (stream, _("\
   --defsym SYM=VAL        define symbol SYM to given value\n"));

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