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[PATCH 1/9] MIPS/GAS: Fix up beq.d test case


 This is a change to complement a bulk replacement of patterns needed, as 
I understand, for COFF configurations.

 In principle, while I recognise the problem, I don't think it was 
addressed in the right manner.  I had a brief encounter with a COFF MIPS 
target (DEC Ultrix) many years ago and I don't recall it being so out of 
the way as to require wildcard matching.  TCL supports extended regexps, 
as even seen in an untouched part of the patch below, so all possible 
symbol/relocation spellings should be listed for better coverage, e.g. so 
that unintended reloc changes trigger a regression.

 Reworking these changes is something for a separate fix though; here I'm 
only bringing the test case back into consistency before further changes 
can be applied on top of it.

2010-07-02  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* gas/mips/beq.d: Remove leftover symbols/relocs from the
	change on 2009-02-06.

 OK to commit?


Index: binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt/gas/testsuite/gas/mips/beq.d
--- binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt.orig/gas/testsuite/gas/mips/beq.d	2010-05-12 22:07:14.000000000 +0100
+++ binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt/gas/testsuite/gas/mips/beq.d	2010-06-29 23:37:08.000000000 +0100
@@ -40,10 +40,10 @@
 0+20070 <[^>]*> jal	0+0000 <.*>
 [ 	]*20070: (MIPS_JMP|JMPADDR|R_MIPS_26)	.text
 0+20074 <[^>]*> nop
-#0+20078 <[^>]*> b	0+20078 <text_label\+0x20078>
-#[ 	]*20078: R_MIPS_PC16	external_label
+#0+20078 <[^>]*> b	0+20078 <.*\+0x20078>
+#[ 	]*20078: .*16	external_label
 #0+2007c <[^>]*> nop
-#0+20080 <[^>]*> bal	0+20080 <text_label\+0x20080>
-#[ 	]*20080: R_MIPS_PC16	external_label
+#0+20080 <[^>]*> bal	0+20080 <.*\+0x20080>
+#[ 	]*20080: .*16	external_label
 #0+20084 <[^>]*> nop

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