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Re: windres patch

Hi Chris,

I package binutils for MinGW and one of our users has supplied a patch
to windres to address an issue with windres processing UTF-8 files.
How should the user go about submitting the patch to upstream binutils
as opposed to having it as a local MinGW patch?

Ideally they should open a bug report at
and include the patch as an uploaded file. It will help if this bug report also includes a small test case that we can use to reproduce the problem locally. If your user has run any regression tests, (to make sure that the patch does not introduce any new bugs), then mentioning what tests they ran would also be helpful.

If the patch is an enhancement rather than a bug fix they could alternatively post it to this list (

If the patch is non-trivial then they will need to have an FSF binutils copyright assignment in place before we can accept it. There is an email form to fill out and send off in order to request such an assignment which can be found in the binutils email list archives, or I could just send you/your user a copy.


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