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Re: gold patch committed: Rewrite orphan section handling

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 22:55:07 -0700, Ian wrote:
> I got a bug report that gold was failing to build the Linux kernel.  It
> turned out to be gold and the GNU linker differed in how they handle
> orphan sections (an orphan section is an output section which is not
> named in the linker script; you can only have orphan sections when using
> a linker script, which is not the default for gold).  gold was placing
> the .eh_frame section, which was not named in the linker script, after a
> new .bsdata section, where GNU ld was putting it after the .rodata
> section.
> The gold orphan section placement is also rather slow when there are a
> lot of orphan sections.
> I committed this patch to make gold's orphan section handling much more
> like the GNU linkers.  This should also make it faster.

Great. This is the first time I can link a complete kernel with »gold«
without errors on my x86_64 machine. (»Gold« was always failing in the
very last step of the kernel build process before).
Thanks for your work.


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