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Re: [patch] General info in AS listings

Hi Daniel,

The next thing to consider is whether the feature is actually necessary ? For example it seems to me that all of the information generated by your new option could also be obtained from the command line or via a wrapper script. So why add the option to the assembler ? The point here being that it is a bad idea to add unnecessary options - feature bloat - because it just makes room for more bugs.

I think it's useful. Identifying information is a big aid to reproducibility, both for toolchain support and file archeology; both of which I spend a lot of time doing :-)

I can see that, but I also think that everything that Santiago's patch currently does can be achieved by using a wrapper script or a makefile rule to prepend the information to the assembler's listing output. So why modify the assembler ? (*)

That said I am not actually against the patch. I would just like to have Santiago defend it (or rather, include a justification for the feature when he resubmits his patch), and to have some contributors say that they like it. I am conscious of the evils of feature bloat and I want to be sure that the feature is actually going to be of use to developers before agreeing to its inclusion.


(*) Answer: because putting the code into the assembler means that the code only has to be written once. Using a script or makefile rule means that everyone who wants this feature has to modify their build environment, and unless there is a repository for the script/build rule then there will be hundreds of different versions of it, with hundreds of different opportunities for bugs.

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